Strategic Advising

Collaborating as a strategic thought partner and trusted advisor to help leaders navigate challenging business situations.


Business and nonprofit executives are often challenged by competing demands, striving to achieve goals set by their boards while providing inspiration and direction to their staffs. As a strategic thought partner to these executives, Edie utilizes her knowledge and experience gained as a business leader to help prioritize business challenges, focus on what’s most critical and make wise business decisions.


  • Expanded Leadership Capacity
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Increased Resilience
  • Enhanced Confidence
  • More Productive Work Habits

“After a meeting with Edie, I felt inspired to move my organization forward to reach new heights. Edie’s quiet confidence, engaged listening, and insightful questioning helped me to share my thoughts openly as she encouraged me to think more creatively about my business.  She was very perceptive and provocative, taking me deeper, and challenging me to organize and prioritize my moves within a structured and realistic plan. I was able to make huge strides forward in strengthening my organization. I know that I would not be as far along had it not been for Edie’s amazing assistance as a thought partner.”